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"And there is the account of the hanging of three men, and a scuba diver, and a suicide. There are stories of coincidence and chance, of intersections and strange things told, and which is which and who only knows? And we generally say, "Well, if that was in a movie, I wouldn't believe it." Someone's so-and-so met someone else's so-and-so and so on. And it is in the humble opinion of this narrator that strange things happen all the time. And so it goes, and so it goes. And the book says, "We may be through with the past, but the past ain't through with us."

Ryan Gosling Is Not Just Another Pretty Face



One thing I have noticed over the years, as I’m sure many others have, is that there are too many people in this world who get famous because of their good looks. I mean, the perfect example of this is the MagCon boys of Vine, who literally are only famous because millions of girls found them hot. If you don’t know who the MagCon boys are, you’re probably better off that way - I wouldn’t look into it. One of the people who has a similar reputation is Ryan Gosling. He is in the “Hot Guys List” of girls and women across the world. I’m not arguing that he isn’t good looking - I’ll admit he’s on my list too - but what bothers me is that most people only know him for The Notebook, a movie that has set unattainable standards for men everywhere. (We can get into that topic some other time.) People love him because of a character that he played once and they usually justify it with the excuse that he was a good actor in it. While he does do a decent job in the film, there’s a reason it received 52% on the Tomatometer… While I do love The Notebook as a sleepover or cry-about-your-loneliness movie, it definitely doesn’t make my top 10. But I’m getting off my point. What I wanted to talk about Ryan Gosling. Not about his good looks, or hot it was that he built Allie a house, but about all the other movies he’s in that surpass The Notebook by miles. Movies that a viewer can really relate to, that you can see the work he put in to making his character believable. Where you see all of the flaws, and not just a pretty face. Take Blue Valentine for example, probably my favorite movie ever. It shows the other, darker side of a too-good-to-be-true-love. When I looked at Netflix once to see what kind of comments people left on it, I was shocked  to see people giving it low ratings because they were disappointed at the ending, or that it was too sad or depressing. I guarantee that those viewers came for the pretty face and left when it wasn’t what they expected after The Notebook. Half of the movie, Gosling is a balding man with big glasses and no respect for his tired wife. It’s disappointing that most people are so dismissive of real topics and real themes. Then take another favorite, Lars and the Real Girl, a heartwarming yet very sad film about a man with a severe social order who orders a life-size sex doll for a girlfriend. Now, before you go and dismiss the movie by that small synopsis, it’s probably not at all what you think. Not once is the doll used for sexual pleasure; he creates a whole life for her as a religious, philanthropic woman. The movie centers itself around the social growth of the main character and the response of the small midwestern town to the silicon newcomer, and it makes for a lovely story. Gosling does an excellent job in his lead role as the socially inept, slightly asperger-y man and he truly makes the whole movie, as well as the plastic doll, come alive. I guess what I’m trying to get across is that I find it really sad that Ryan Gosling has accumulated so much fame for such a shallow role, while his truly great roles are overlooked either because they don’t meet the standards of Noah, or because they are overshadowed by chick-flicks like The Notebook or Crazy Stupid Love. I highly recommend checking out Blue Valentine or Lars and the Real Girl for some top notch acting and real stories. While it’s nice to dream that one day we will find our Noahs, it’s important to understand that we all need a good grounding in reality.



Half Nelson and Ides of March (actually a really complex, layered character) should be on this list too. 



I just thought I'd mention (about 50 Shades) it seems to me that if it's even a QUESTION about weather or not it's abuse, that automatically makes it a v unhealthy relationship


Oh yeah, that’s usually case, completely agree. I mean, I’ve got OTPs that are unhealthy, but I acknowledge that they are unhealthy and the shows they’re on call them out on their unhealthy shit. The problem I have with this whole 50 Shades thing is that a lot of people aren’t realizing that it’s unhealthy, not because of the sex, but because of the relationship. And I guess that it’s so badly written and that it misrepresents the BDSM community rattles my nerves, too.

I mean, people wanting their own Christian Grey? God no, I wouldn’t wish him on anyone!

fifty shades of grey represents one of the unhealthiest relationships. And seeing people accepting and loving it is extremely sad. It sets a wrong image for women everywhere. And it agrees with manipulation and being controlling. #opinion

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